Program and Student Learning Objectives

PLO 1) Pedagogical Content Knowledge -  Students demonstrate pedagogical content knowledge (PCK) in science for enhancing their diverse students’ learning.
  • SLO 1a) Students develop computer-supported collaborative science (CSCS) activities. 
  • SLO 1b) Students examine the effectiveness of these CSCS activities in enhancing student learning.
  • SLO 1c) Students develop science laboratory investigations consistent with state curriculum standards.

PLO 2) Theoretical Understanding: Students demonstrate theoretical understanding of teaching and learning science by reading and synthesizing educational theory and research in science education.
  • SLO 2a) Students read and apply theory and research findings to their own instructional practice. 
  • SLO 2b) Students read and synthesize science education theory and research.
PLO 3) Research Skills - Students demonstrate graduate-level research skills by designing, conducting, and presenting research ethically and effectively.
  • SLO 3a) Students conduct action research by writing a problem statement, conducting a literature review, developing a proposal, designing methods, and collecting, analyzing, and interpreting data.
  • SLO 3b) Students share their action research project in web-based and oral forms according to graduate-level presentation standards.

PLO 4) Analytical Skills -  Students critically analyze current issues in science, science education, and general education and how those issues impact schools. 
  • SLO 4) Students read, synthesize, and evaluate a range of perspectives on an educational issue and consider their implications for schools.

PLO 5)  Leadership - Students demonstrate leadership in science education.
  • SLO 5) Students share their theoretical understanding of teaching and learning in science, their original CSCS activities, and their action research findings, in professional development settings.