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Robert C Meyer
Department of New Jersey
August 19th 2018.
Brothers of the New Jersey Department.
General order number 1.
I hope summer has treated you well.
As summer ends and  when we start to prepare to return to our camps. I hope we will work on the projects that are important to our National Organization and our New Jersey Department.
first off we have a picnic scheduled for September 23rd Sunday 2018 in Alpine New Jersey ( I realize this is a ride for many) but very important. Our country is being torn apart by people who don't want to recognize that we had a civil war. Are brothers in the sons of the Confederacy have asked us to join them in a picnic. Many departments are afraid to do this kind of thing out of fear of public opinion. I would like to make it clear that the New Jersey Department does not share the views of the Confederacy. But we do share the views of a lineage Society. And wish to join them and show solidarity between our two organizations. I hope that you will come out and bring your families.
The National Organization along with our New Jersey Department would like to honor the last remaining Civil War veteran in our territories. I know that General Custer and General Kearny camps are working on these project and are planning to install a marker in the fall. I hope other camps will follow. November 17th Saturday will be Remembrance Day at Gettysburg. I have a hotel room at the Eisenhower Hotel which sleeps two. But it could sleep much more with cots or sleeping bags.
Anyone is welcome to stay in my room free of charge and join us when we March Saturday morning. If you have not been to Remembrance Day it is a sight to behold. Please reach out to me if you are interested in a free hotel room. The New Jersey Department is having an officers meeting at the peddie school in Hightstown New Jersey at 1 p. m October 27 2018 Saturday. Everyone is welcome to attend and I hope that you will come.
It is my belief that are camps and or Department are only as strong as our weakest member. Many officers have work so hard in the past to keep this organization going. And I would like to see it going long after I'm gone. To achieve this goal I need your help.
I hope summer has treated you well. I hope you return to your camps ready to go to work for the good of our order. I hope you will join me. At the picnic in September at the meeting in October and at Remembrance Day in November.
Yours in.
Robert Meyer.
New Jersey Department Commander.

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