Grave Registration

The Grave Registration Program

Today camps from all over participate in completing and maintaining soldiers graves.  This practice has been in place since the bodies of our grandfathers began to stack.  Sadley it is not complete but we have not forgotten our promise.  The video below does an excellent job in making you realize the full scope of our commitment. 

Why these graves are so important in 4min

There are many ways you can help. 

1) Sponsor a luminary.  Every year lumiaries purchased from all over the country directly fund these efforts. More information on luminaries are found in the "events" section of the website.

2) Maintain a membership (associate or lineal) or purchase a membership for a child, sibling, or a parent. Perhaps as a gift in the name of a good cause.  

3) Start an effort with the help of a local camp. Camp officers will love to hear from you.

4) The national SUV website has some great information for people who want to work on the data base or contribute from grave sites.

** Be sure to contact us through our "camp officers" section of the website.