Hey brothers,
      I wanted to write a little about our new Camp Jackets. I went to pick up my jacket at Eagle Embroidery in Hammonton this week. Im very impressed. The stitch quality is noticably better than the company jackets ive printed in the past with other shops. The logo on the back is awesome! Unfortunatly I didnt see any finished silk jackets but I took pictures of my Carhartt jacket. I will share them in this email. I purchased a Carhartt simply because of my work. I wanted a durable jacket that i could wear every day and not destroy it. Whatever helps promote the Organization I figure. Thats not to say that the Silk Jackets are not nice. They are simply best when being worn at camp events or in non-destructive environments 

Our camp has already paid the design fee to Eagle Embroidery. This covered the bulk of the project cost.
Now, for as long as Eagle Embroidery stays in business, they will have our design on file & ready to stitch.

--If you would like a jacket, your cost will be for the stitching and jacket.
--Yes, Eagle will a embroider a jacket you already own! Just pay for stitches.
--Yes, they will ship

See the attatched pictures 

Call them and talk about what you want. --Brother Dave secured a nice quilt-lined silk jacket available through the print shop. They are made in the USA! Again, talk to Eagle.

-- To order my Carhartt, I went on the Carhartt website, picked out the Jacket I wanted and gave the item number to Eagle. They sent away for it, embroidered it, and called me to pick it up. I thought that was excellent service!
Carhartt sizes are universal so all I had to do is go to any store, try on any model carhartt jacket, and I knew my perfect size. Any Lage Carhartt Jacket fits the same as any other large Carhartt Jacket. This made my blind purchase a solid bet!

Eagle Embroidery 609-561-1457. Hammonton Nj

A big thanks to Brother Dave for setting all this up!