Our Mission

The Civil War Study Group, Inc. (CWSGI) is dedicated to historical research, preservation, and education of the general public on historic Civil War events that occurred in Orange County, Virginia, and surrounding communities during the American Civil War.

Its educational activities include conducting public discussion groups, forums, panels, lectures, historical research, and similar programs.

Community projects include providing historical interpretative panels, maintaining a collection of Civil War artifacts that is on public display, and conducting public school educational presentations on Civil War activities that occurred in the local area. It also carries out battlefield memorial services and is creating a memorial monument to those on both sides who died during the Battle of the Wilderness.

CWSGI hosts regular Civil War Study Group meetings of individuals who are interested in assisting in this mission. There are no membership rolls and no dues. The work of CWSGI is carried out by volunteers and paid for by individual contributions and through fund-raising events. 

2016 was another great year for the Civil War Study Group at Lake of the Woods.  To read more, click on the President's Annual Report link to the left!

The Civil War Study Group meets on the fourth Friday of every month, February through October, except May, when it hosts its annual fund-raising golf tournament. Meetings are always open to the public. Check our Events Calendar for time and place.