The Civil War Study Group at Lake of the Woods, Virginia, is dedicated to historical research, preservation, and education of the general public on historic events that occurred in Orange County, Virginia, and surrounding communities during the American Civil War. We have no dues, no membership roster, no requirements to attend our meetings or volunteer for any of our historical projects. We hope you'll join us in our mission to tell the story of the Battle of the Wilderness, May, 1864 as well as other tales of the Civil War here in the historic Piedmont of Virginia.

“... the Battle of the Wilderness ...arguably, ... the most important battle in the Civil War.”
         --Edwin C. Bearss, National Park Service Chief Historian Emeritus, 
speaking at Hanover Tavern, Virginia on May 9, 2014


"The Story of Gordon's Flank Attack Based on Eyewitness Accounts" written by Dr. Peter G. Rainey and edited by Charles E. Brewer. Available now on Kindle. $2.99, OR Apple iBooks, $1.99.
"Dedicated to those thousands of Confederate and Federal troops that were in the Wilderness, Orange County, Virginia the evening of May 6, 1864. We remember those that wrote what they heard and saw and those that are forever listed as missing but not forgotten."

IS FRIDAY, July 27, 2018, 10:30AM
(At the LOW Clubhouse ...Grand Ballroom)

Frank Trent, LOW resident, and expert on Civil War artifact identification and valuation!

Civil War Gallery Returns

LOW Woodworkers Glynn Smith and Hal Wood finish installation May 31, 2018
President Charles Brewer with display in place as of June 5, 2018

    The gallery of pictures of Civil War soldiers, most ancestors of LOW residents, for several years hung on the wall opposite the Civil War artifacts cabinet near the Grille Room and Members Lounge.  The pictures were taken down in January 2017 for the Clubhouse renovations. Rehanging was delayed somewhat as several levels of discussions were necessary to choose just the right place.

    Members of the Clubhouse Committee last Fall suggested placing the framed pictures in the Clubhouse entrance foyer to maximize the number of people who would see the display.  We were concerned, however, about security, especially since these are loaned items, including a 154 year-old letter!

    After some thought Vice President Jack Phend suggested a shadowbox.  With this great idea, Board Members Craig Rains and Charles Brewer spent time designing the box with Gil Churchill, Glynn Smith and Hal Wood of the LOW Woodworkers Club. Glynn and Hal finished building the box.

    On May 31 LOWA maintenance staff both installed an electrical connection and mounted the box securely to the wall.  Glynn and Hal finished off the installation, including building in self-contained lighting.

    On June 5 CWSG Board Members Craig Rains and Charles Brewer mounted the framed artifacts and "turned on the lights"!!


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