Sorting the Schedule

Using Excel to get a better schedule. 

Microsoft Excel uses what is called a stable sort.


So you can Sort the data twice to get more useful information. First we sort the course by:

  •  Day,
  • Start Time,
  • and Room Number.









Note that we have to click options "My list has Header row" and the  "Options" button to specify the sort order of the first key as

"Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat".

Unfortunately, we can only specify the "First key sort order", so
we have to depend on Stable sorting to keep the data sorted by
Day when we have equal keys on the first key of the second sort.

The second sort is where we sort by _CourseNo.  The trick is here to select "(none)" for the sort order of the other two "Then by" keys.


So the result is listed by _CourseNo and shows classes which meet at multiple times in order by the day of week and the starting time.

 Longest Classes First for each starting time

If you want to have the longest classes at each hour show first, use the following Sort Settings

  •  Day,
  • Start Time,
  • and Stop, with the Order Descending

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Chris Lent