Softick Audio Gateway needed Bluetooth "All Known Devices" purge

I had misplaced my Motorola S9 headset and bought a new S9.

Sadly, Softick Audio Gateway , or SAG, from would not find the new headset. It had worked great with my Palm Treo 650 before...

Quick answer: Used freeware app BTcached to purge everything from the
Bluetooth Preferences "All known devices" list. And success! :-)

Diagnosis and URL's:
I was an earlier version of SAG 1.16.something, I think.

Running SAG, I saw the S9 in the list but connecting to it did not work. I deleted the S9 from Trusted Devices but still no luck.
But now the S9 didn't even appear in the "A2DP Stereo Device" pull down menu.

I wait two weeks until time to fiddle some more.

After upgrading to Version 1.18.1828 still no luck.

I wait another week for more fiddling time ...

Looking at all the items in "All known devices" there was a huge list with the Motorola S9 still appearing more that once. No luck using the "Disable device name cache" from the Preferences->Communication->"Bluetooth" control panel.

My guess was the multiple entries for the S9 were confusing SAG.

I hunted around and found this cool little freeware app, called BTcached

Version: 3.0
Last DB update: January 10, 2008, 04:50:56.

With this app you can easily delete devices in your BT cache.
Already paired devices have a key in a list.[/quote]

I decided to start fresh and zapped all the entries, then followed the steps in:

Softick Audio Gateway installation manual /files/audiogateway/AG_installation_manual_en.pdf

and everything is working fine!

Thought my suffering might help others. :-)