St Swithun's Patronage


This is right in English Law of presenting a nominee to a vacant ecclesiastical benefice. In effect this means the right to nominate a person to hold a church office in a parish. Advowsons were one of the earliest incorporeal hereditaments, an intangible right. i.e it could be passed on by inheritance from father to son, etc.


Thomas Bowdler was the patron of the Rev. Samuel Pearson who was the vicar of Cheswardine from the 7th July 1724 until his death on the 29th July 1762.

Watkin Wynne was the patron of the Rev. William Anwyl M.A.  who became vicar of Cheswardine on the 29th July 1762 until his death on the 7th November 1806. He was also made the perpetual curate for the neighbouring Adbaston Church in Staffordshire on the 17th January 1786.

Philip Hammersley was the patron of the church when the Rev. William Hammersley was the vicar from 7th November 1806 until 6th April 1821.

Thomas Smallwood, from Hales Hall, was patron of St Swithun's Church when the Rev.Charles Miller was the stipendiary curate, appointed on the 3rd August 1822 at £70 per annum. This required him to live at Hales Hall. This is the same Thomas Smallwood who attempted to purchase Cheswardine Hall in 1825. At the time the Rev. John Healy Bromby was the absentee vicar of Cheswardine(1821 to 1867) who was also the vicar of Holy Trinity in Kingston upon Hull (1797 to 1866).

Egerton William Harding of Old Springs Hall, Market Drayton was the patron of Rev. George Shipton Harding, M.A. who was initially the curate at St Swithun's church from 1854 to 1867, and he became the vicar from 1867 to until his death on the 18th January 1874. His brother Rev. John Wingfield Harding M.A. then became the vicar at St Swithuns until 1884 when he was 67 years old.

Charles Donaldson-Hudson purchased the advowson in about 1882 or 1883, according to Ruth Donaldson-Hudson.

Rev. John Edward Hughes M.A. then became the vicar in 1884 and remained at St Swithuns during the rebuilding of the church which was re-dedicated in 1889, until 28th January 1909

Ralph Charles Donaldson-Hudson became the patron of the church in 1893 and this was transferred to the Bishop of Lichfield via the Archdeaconry of Salop (Shropshire) on the 1st February 1926, therefore extinguishing the right of any non-ecclesiastical appointment of clergy in the benefice of Cheswardine. 

The Rev. W A Lang.

The Rev. Knatchbull was not present at the vicarage with his wife and family at the time of the 1911 census on the 2nd April 1911.