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Lean Touch is an input library that makes handling gestures (e.g. Pinch, Twist) incredibly easy across all devices and resolutions.

It combines mouse and touch inputs, so you only have to write your input code once, and it will work perfectly across desktop and mobile devices.

It accounts for varying DPI settings, so it will work the same on small and large devices.

It allows you to simulate multiple finger gestures (e.g. Pinch, Twist) using the mouse, so you can easily test your inputs without deploying to a device.

It exposes a very simple C# API, allowing you to hook into common events (e.g. OnFingerTap), or you can directly deal with all active fingers (e.g. LeanTouch.Fingers).

It comes with many example components that are very flexible, allowing you to customize many common interactions without any code.

It allows you to check to see if the mouse or any finger is on top of the GUI, to prevent input from 'passing through' buttons.

It comes with full source code that's well commented, so you can easily modify or extend the features.

It comes with many demo scenes to get you going, but if you want more then check out Lean Touch+

Get It Here!

>> Asset Store <<โ€‹