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Flagship of the Delta Quadrant

Constitution-class Federation heavy cruiser starship ordered for construction in the 23rd century. The Discovery was designed with the specific intent of furthering exploration in the Federation's frontier. in a joint Starfleet/Vulcan Science Academy mission.

Being armed with the latest Starfleet technology, Discovery can tackle nearly any mission while operating independently, far in the frontier regions of the Federation's Delta Quadrant territories.

If you're looking for a writing challenge in a Trek-inspired Sci-Fi setting, Star Trek Borderlands and USS Discovery might just have a position for you.

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“The doctor has been stuck in a cargo bay babysitting a Borg-shaped time bomb.” Neika interjected in a slightly breathless voice. ~Hope

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August's Stars

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Congratulations to David on achieving Player of the month status again. David, you did a great job leading the Borg thread. Thank you!

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Congratulations to Alistair for his post of the month, our only response to August's monthly challenge, "A day in the life", (that I'm aware of)! Go check it out if you haven't already.

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Make a new friend...

Last time in the Monthly Challenges, we saw a day in the life of our characters. This time, we would like to encourage you all to get out there and make a new friend! Start a side story getting to know a crew member maybe you haven't interacted with before or have been wanting to know better. Whatever it may be, have fun with it!

Rest well Nichelle

You have been an inspiration to many. You will live on forever in our memories and our hearts!

A ship is always safe at shore - but that's not what it's built for ~ Albert Einstein