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03) Nancy Flindell Peters

Born and brought up in Summit, New Jersey, Nancy Peters attended both the Longy School of Music and Radcliffe College (at Harvard University) before graduating Cum Laude from Brandeis University. Her primary piano teachers were Theodore Letvin and Leonard Shure. She studied harp with Judith Ross and Mary Jane Rupert. A professional harpist and dedicated harp teacher, Ms. Peters writes music that is lovely to hear and, in the case of her works for student harpists, designed to be used as studies by harpists of all levels of ability. She is the founder and harpist of Wind Chimes, a well-known flute and harp duo which performs regularly throughout New England. Many of the pieces in the Wind Chimes repertoire were arranged for flute by Ms. Peters. Wind Chimes has recorded five compact discs which are available through Amazon.com.

As a composer, Ms. Peters has written both solo and ensemble works for harp as well as chamber music for harp and other instruments. She lives in Shirley, MA and teaches both harp and piano at Indian Hill Music in Littleton, MA, as well as at the Groton School.

All score & part sets are now distributed through  J W Pepper. The title of each work below will take you to the appropriate page on the J W Pepper website. You may also use this link to view all her music:

BKJ/Nancy F Peters on J W Pepper

Music for Harp Students - Solos & Ensemble:
Each composition includes the composer’s notes on performance. The first four works address particular problems and techniques. However, they each have wonderful charm and character and are lovely concert/recital pieces for students and audiences alike. The composer's notes on technique, etc. for Mementos, Tides, and Circus Highlights are included with the published music.

Mementos - For the progressing harp student

Seasonal Moods -
Lever Harp solo (late beginning)

Seascapes -
Pedal Harp solo ( early to intermediate)

Tides - Lever or Pedal Harp solo (intermediate and upper intermediate)


    Vacation Suite - Trio or Ensemble (beginner to early intermediate)

     Circus Highlights - Duet or Ensemble (upper intermediate) ($25.00)


Chamber Music:

Coastal Suite
for Flute and Harp (14 min.)
                                                             Lunar Suite for Flute and Harp (14 min.)


Old Harbor Suite
for Flute and Harp (12 min. 45 sec.)

                                                      Helix for Flute, Cello, and Harp (16 min.)



More Chamber Music

Cape Cod Suite for Pedal or Lever Harp (9 min.)

The Gardens of Versailles for Flute and Harp (14 min.)

The County Fair a trio for Violin (or Flute), Cello, and Harp (10 min.)