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01) John Bavicchi

Composer John Bavicchi was born in Boston on April 25, 1922.  His initial training was as a civil engineer.  A graduate of MIT, he saw combat action in the South Pacific during W.W.II as an officer in the United States Navy’s Construction Battalion (CBs). Returning to civilian life, he entered Boston’s New England Conservatory of Music in 1948; after his graduation, he studied composition at Harvard University under Walter Piston. From 1952 until his death on December 12, 2012 Mr. Bavicchi  spent his life composing, conducting, and teaching.  Following various freelance teaching posts, he joined the faculty of Berklee College of Music in 1964, and was made Professor Emeritus in 1997. He continued to work with students of composition until his passing on December 9, 2012.

John Bavicchi produced a diverse and impressive catalog of more than 130 compositions in a variety of creative instrumental and vocal combinations. He was honored with awards from The National Institute of Arts and Letters, ASCAP, the American Symphony Orchestra League, and the Berklee College of Music.  He was commissioned by, among others, the Harvard Musical Association, the Cecilia [choral] Society, the Welsh Arts Council, the MIT Concert Band, the Concord Band, and the Boston Civic Symphony. The Archives of John Bavicchi including a complete set of his 130 compositions and many other books and items of memorabilia are housed by the Music Library of Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ.

John Bavicchi’s works which are currently in stock are listed below.
NOTE: We are now making much of BKJ's music including that of John Bavicchi available through J.W. Pepper. As we make that transition we are specially marking his music which is available on the Pepper website. However, almost all of John Bavicchi's music is available. Please use this link to view and/or print the information on all his works..  Please contact us for current pricing and delivery lead time on any composition you do not see on this page.

Some of Mr. Bavicchi’s works are published by Oxford University Press. For information please contact OUP in Cary, NC. at Customer Service Dept., Oxford University Press, 2001 Evans Road, Cary, NC 27513 or by email at custserv.us@oup.com.

Nine pieces of his chamber music were published by Seesaw Music they are now available from Subito Music and Sheet Music.com . Direct links to these works are  included in the listings below.

Chamber Music:

Divertimento Op. 1                $25.00
for Clarinet, Viola, and Piano
(duration - 9 min.)   

Trio No. 1, Op. 4                    $25.00
Clarinet, Viola, and Piano
(duration - 16 min. )                    

Four Songs, Op. 6A                $13.95
Contralto & Chamber Orch.
in Piano Reduction
(duration - 14 minutes)

Sonata No. 1, Op. 8               $25.00
Cello, and Piano
(duration - 12 min.)                    

Trio No. 2, Op. 13                  $25.00
Clarinet, Cello, and Piano
(duration - 18 min.)

Four Songs, Op. 17                $13.95
Soprano & Piano
in Piano Reduction
(duration - 9 min.)  

Trio No. 3, Op. 18                 $17.95
Mezzo Soprano, Violin &
(duration - 9 min.)

Sonata for Unaccomp. Clarinet, Op. 20      $5.00
Oxford University Press - Out of Print
Find on JW Pepper Summer 2019
(duration - 6 min.)

Three Preludes  Op. 21            $5.00
for Unaccompanied Trombone
(duration - 6 min.)  

Quartet No. 1,    Op.22              $7.50
for Brass Quartet
(duration - 13 min.)

Toccata, Op. 23                      $13.95
for Piano Solo
(duration - 5 min.)

Six Duets, Op. 27                      $5.00 
for Flute & Clarinet
Oxford University Press Out of Print
(duration - 11 min.)

A Clarinet Handbook, Op. 47            $15.00
(Collection of duets, trios and a
quartet for Eb, Bb, Alto,
and Bass Clarinets.)
Find on JW Pepper (July 31, 2019)
(duration - 10 min.)

Quartet No, 4 , Op. 52                         $14.95
Saxophone Quartet
(duration - 6 min.)

Music for Mallets & Percussion, Op.55   $20.00
Percussion Ensemble
Oxford Univ. Press (out of ptint)
Coming to JW Pepper (Summer 2019)
(duration - 5 min.)

Prelude, Fugue & Coda, Op. 58      $18.95
Woodwind Quintet
Find on Sheet Music Plus
(duration - 4 min.)

A Duet Dozen, Op.61               $5.00
Easy Duets for Children
for Piano 4-Hands
Oxford University Press - Out of Print
(duration - 4 min.)

Trio No, 6, Op. 62                     $60.00
Piano and Two Percussion     
(duration - 12 min.)

Theme with Variations, Op. 75  $9.00
Solo Flute
(duration - 4 min.)

Quintet, Op. 109
Bb Clar. & String Quartet
(duration 14 - min.)

Six For Two, Op. 125                $25.00
Bb Clarinet & Piano
Find on JW Pepper
(duration 11 - min.)

Choral/Vocal Works:

Choral Art. John Bavicchi (ed.)  $4.95 
Choir/voice - Grade 3
Composed by Theron W. Kirk. Edited by John Bavicchi and Emma Lou Diemer. Choral. Choral octavo. Neil A. Kjos Music Company .
To The Lighthouse, Op. 16       $12.95
Text by Norma Farber

Soprano Voice, Horn & Piano
Vocal Score & Parts.
(duration - 4 min.)

Infinite Patience, Op. 106          $25.00
Mezzo soprano, Cl., and piano.
Text: R.W. Gilder
Find on JW Pepper (August 2019)
(duration -  10 min.)

Psalm 104, Op. 73                      $6.00
(Chorus Book,  Piano only)
Chorus, STB solos,
2 Treble Instruments, 1 bass Instrument,
1 Percussionist, Keyboard
Find on JW Pepper
Score & Parts on rental from Oxford Press
(duration - 25 min)

Six Korean Folk Songs, Op. 35       $17.95
Soprano, alto, 2 oboes and piano.
(duration - 9 min.)

The Hallam Songs, Op. 116       $25.00
Soprano, alto, 2 oboes and piano.
Text by Alfred Tennyson
(duration - 14 min.)


Concertino, Op. 88                   $20.00
Tuba and Brass Quartet
(duration - 11 min.)

Concert Band:

Band of the Year, Op.66           $25.00
Discontinued by Oxford Press
Available on JW Pepper (August 2019)
(duration - 6 min.)

Caroline’s Dance,  Op.67A      
Find on JW Pepper Fall 2019
(duration - 7 min.)

The works below are available on rental from   OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS  using this link.

Concerto for Clarinet and Strings, Op. 11
(Cl. & Piano version available)
(duration - 20 min)

Suite No. 1  for Orchestra  Op. 19
(duration - 23 min)

A Concert Overture, Op. 29
(duration -  8 min)

Festival Symphony, Op.51
Concert Band
(duration - 24 min)

Corley's March, Op.54
Concert Band
(duration - 4 min)

Suite No. 3 for Band  Op. 60
(duration - 16 min)

Mont Blanc Overture, Op. 72
Orchestra Keyboard
(duration - 10 min)

Psalm 104, Op. 73
Chorus, STB solos,
2 Treble Instruments, 1 bass Instrument,
1 Percussionist, Keyboard
(duration - 25 min)

Three Score Reflections, Op. 84
Poem of Frances Babcock, Words by James Terry
2Fl, 2 Cl, Bn, 2 Trpt, 2 Trb, Tuba, Perc, Piano, Chorus I, Chorus II, Unison Chorus
(duration - 11 min)

Fusions   Op. 92
Improvised Trombone and Orch,
(duration - 12 min)

Fusions   Op. 92
Improvised Trombone and Orch, Concert Band ver.
(duration - 12 min)