The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

Peter Hazzard’s Songs & Incidental Music for:



Wizard of Oz

by Michele L. Vacca

based on the story by L. Frank Baum

Music and Lyrics by Peter Hazzard

Some Lyrics by Michele Vacca

In January of 2010 Peter Hazzard composed eight short songs and incidental music (specially designed to be used with the “School Play” or abridged version of the The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz by Michele L. Vacca) for Lawrence Academy’s Something For Nothing Players. In 2018 3 new songs were added so the music could be used with the full length versions of Michele Vacca's play. This expanded play was premiered in October 2018 at the Granite State Arts Academy in Salem, NH. Information on the play along with script purchase details and royalty fees may be found at the website of Classics On Stage, Chicago, IL or by phone at (773) 989-0532. This music may not be used with any other version or adaptation of the story of the Wizard of Oz.

Prices and Royalty Information:

Piano/Vocal Score $10.00

Purchase of a piano/vocal score DOES NOT grant permission to perform the music. No music in this collection may be produced or performed anywhere without advance written permission from BKJ Publications. Each performance is subject to the payment of a Royalty fee. Royalties can be paid at the time you place a "production" music order (enough vocal books for cast, music director, etc). If the number of performances is indeterminate at time of production music order, royalties may be paid separately at a later date. Please note, however, that royalty payment must be paid no later than 10 days prior to your first performance to authorize your use of the music.

The play including this music is considered "performed" any time it is acted or read before an audience or "classroom" of any size in any location, whether or not admission is charged. Of course, ordering an individual Piano/Vocal Score for "perusal for production only" does not require Royalty payment.

Production Chorus/Vocal Book $6.50

This production music book is intended for the actors and will be provided unbound on single sheets so that the director may make as many copies of each song as may be needed for production purposes. This saves us all money as certain songs are sung by only one or two actors while others require enough copies for the full company. Because of this unique way of delivering the music, the Chorus/Vocal book is only available when a Royalty Quote has been requested and performance dates are set.

Royalty Structure:

The minimum Royalty fee for a non-commercial production (school group or non-profit community theatre group) is

$15.00 for the first performance and $8.00 for each subsequent performance. For productions by professional companies in which the actors are paid (i.e. Actor’s Equity Association, etc.) please Email BKJ Publications for a quote.

Script Adjustments:

With the permission of Classics On Stage! several pages of the script have been adapted to fit with the songs to avoid repetition in the dialog before and after the song. If you are going to use this music we will be happy to provide the script adjustments upon request.

Supplementary Audio Material:

While the songs and incidental music may be performed suitably by a solo pianist, the composer created optional accompaniments with a rhythm section and several solo instruments to augment the piano. These accompaniments are available as either MIDI or audio files and may be blended with a “live” pianist for a realistic “pit band” sound. The complete audio files are available for an additional one-time Royalty charge of $40.00. No Royalty charge per performance is required to use these files.


We charge a flat rate of $3.00 shipping and handling for the Piano/Vocal book. If the Vocal/Chorus book and script adjustment pages are ordered with a Royalty quote, we prefer to deliver them via email in PDF form. However, we will ship the Chorus/Vocal Book via USPS upon request.