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02) Peter Hazzard

Peter Hazzard
Peter Hazzard was born in Poughkeepsie, NY on January 31, 1949. He wrote his first compositions, The Horses’ Hooves and Evening Song, for violin and piano at the age of eight. He played violin, studying in NewYork with Arlie Furman, and was a member of the New York Young People’s Orchestra. He also played guitar and piano in both orchestras and dance bands throughout his youth. After graduation from Millbrook School and two years of study at Boston University, Mr. Hazzard enrolled at the Berklee College of Music in 1968, receiving his Bachelor of Music in Composition in 1971. He studied composition with John Bavicchi and William Maloof and conducting with Jeronimus Kascinskas .

Upon graduation,Mr. Hazzard was appointed to the Berklee faculty where he taught composition, conducting, theory, and music history and served as the chair of the Traditional Studies Department. He became conductor of the Berklee Concert Wind Ensemble in 1976.  In 1983, Mr. Hazzard was appointed to the faculty of Lawrence Academy in Groton, MA where he served as both Director of Music and Choral Director retiring in 2013. In 2016 he was coaxed out of retirement and currently serves as Director of Music at Granite State Arts Academy, a small charter high school for the arts in Salem , NH.

Over the last forty-five years he has built up a catalog of more than eighty works. He is a composer who understands his performers and their scope and his compositions range from those for student musicians to virtuoso professionals. He has written for symphony orchestra, concert band, brass ensemble, piano duet, unaccompanied clarinet, clarinet and marimba, saxophone quartet, chorus, and percussion ensembles to mention just a few. You will find more information on Mr. Hazzard on his website at www.peterhazzard.com.A representative sample of Mr. Hazzard’s works are listed below. Please follow this link to view and/or print the information on all of Mr. Hazzard’s music which is available from BKJ.

A dozen of Mr. Hazzard's works, published by Seesaw Music in New York, are available online from Subito Music Corp. in New Jersey. Follow this link to those compositions:  Peter Hazzard at Subito Music

Chamber Music:

Three Movements for Sax Quartet, Op.38
(8 min.)

Sonata #3
, Op. 39                                                          $10.00
Unaccompanied Clarinet                                   

(7 min.)

Sonata #4, Op. 50                                                          
2 Bb Clarinets
(8 min.)

Suite for Brass Sextet, Op. 51                                        $20.00
(9 min.)

Serenade, Op.68                                                           
Bb Clarinet and Piano Quartet
(7 min.)

Ceremonial Wedding Music Op. 73                                 $12.00
Flute & Harp
(7 min.)

Festival Music in an Elizabethan Style Op. 74                
Flute & Harp
(5 min.) 

Three Scenic Moods, Op. 75                                          
Bb Clarinet and Piano Quintet
(13 min.)
A recording of Three Scenic Moods, Op. 75 is available on the CD Tomorrow
Will Be Today. You will find a description of this CD on the page of John Bavicchi's recordings and also on the "Purchase Music" page.

Piano and Piano Duet:

Fantasia on a Theme of Brahms Op. 31                            $15.00
Piano Solo
(6 min.)

Five Pieces from Romeo & Juliet                                       $30.00
Serge Prokofiev, Op. 75
Arranged for Piano Duet
(12 min.)

The Seven Deadly Sins, Op. 58                                         $20.00
Piano Duet & 2 Percussion
(12 min.)    
Vocal and Choral Music:

Travelieder, Op. 33                                             $8.00
Soprano and Piano
Text: Ogden Nash          
(6 min.)                                                     

Impressions of Winter, Op. 28                Perusal copy $2.75
SATB and Piano Duet (4-Hands)       20 copy minimum $50.00
Text: Composer                            Playing Piano score $10.00
(8 min.)

We Celebrate New Hampshire, Op. 76         Perusal copy $2.50
(SATB or SAB, Piano)                             12 copy minimum $30.00
Text: NH Governor John Lynch
(4.5 min)       

Elegy-A Symphonic Portrait, Op. 47                     **Rental $50.00
(Sop.,Nar., TTBB Speaking Chorus & Band)
Text: Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard-Thomas Gray
(30 min.)                                     

Concert Band and Orchestra:

Three Cheers Thirty, Op. 80
    (March)                              $30.00
(2014)            Score & Set of Parts
(2.5 min.) 

Spirit of the Spirit; A Festival Prelude Op. 78
Score & Set of Parts
(4 min.)
You may view/listen to the premiere performance here.
A brief description of the piece is available for download below.

Landmark Suite  Op. 49A                                    **Rental  $50.00
Five Miniatures of Boston  (Orchestra transcription) 
(Original Concert Band version
available from Ludwig Masters)
(12 min.)      

Loth To Depart,  Variations for Virginals                            $50.00
Giles Farnaby (@1563 - 1600)
Arranged for Concert Band (1977)
Score & Set of Parts
(4.5 min.) 

Children’s Circus                                     
**Rental  $50.00
A Guide to the Instruments of the Orchestra
for children
Orchestra and Narrator                                              
(15 Min)

Elegy For An Heroic Violinist, Op. 60                      $40.00
Orchestra  Score & Set of Parts       
(7 min.)

A Festival Overture, Op. 40                                     $60.00
Band         Score & Set of Parts
(6 min.)

Toland's March, Op. 55                                            $30.00
         Score & Set of Parts
(2.5 min.)  

Fanfare, Pastorale and Allegro, Op. 77                   $60.00
Band           Score & Set of Parts
(9 min.)

Serenade for Band, Op.72                                        $60.00
Small Concert Band (Grade IV)

Score & Set of Parts
(@6 min.)

**Please call regarding rentals.

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