Edwardsville K of C 2017 Columbus Day Dinner

This year's Columbus Day Dinner was quite a success. According to our Grand Knight, Chris DeClue, "So we cooked for the Edwardsville KC's Annual Columbus Day Dinner last night and Zip Rzeppa was there. His books are a great read. I asked him for a group photo and if it was ok to link "Mater media" on our website. A few years ago he gave a talk at St. Mary's. It was amazing to hear."

The following is a picture of Zip Rzeppa and those from OLQP that helped with the event, including the preparation of the food, and then stayed to enjoy his presentation. Click here for more details on Mr. Rzeppa's background as well as information on Mater Media, the not-for-profit dedicated to Mary, which according to its website has the mission to inspire people to love God and to motivate them to serve Him. Through innovative storytelling they are shining light into the darkness of today’s media and initiating a radical cultural paradigm shift away from toxic media. The same link also appears on our Important Links page.