2022 Bethalto Homecoming

Shift Schedule

Click here to add your name and the names of any of your family members that plan on helping at the homecoming. When the spreadsheet opens in a new window, click on 100% on the menu bar and choose 50%. This will allow you to see the full width of the work list. Then, simply click on the box for the appropriate day and shift. Then double-click on the same cell to highlight it (becomes shadowed) and a cursor will appear. Simply type in the name and press your Enter key. Your entry will be automatically saved. Then return to this page and refresh the screen, and you will see the results.

If you prefer, you can contact Marce Tebbe at mtebbe6020@gmail.com as soon as possible to let him know that you or any of your family members can help. You can also use the Contact Us page (see the menu item on the left) if that would be more convenient for you.