The Power of Heart Series

Five Monday Evenings Oct. 19 thru Nov. 16, 2o15

We are very pleased to announce our newest workshop series: The Power of Heart. We will use movement, meditation, and self-exploration to move us closer to the heart of healing and awakening. Would you like to move beyond habitual patterns of relating and feel more alive, spontaneous and connected? Growth and healing mean a greater capacity to meet inner and outer challenges with courage and compassion, but we have to show up, hone our skills, and face the change that is needed.

Speak and live from your heart.

Become more open and courageous in being yourself.

Experience more warmth and connection in social life.

Gain clarity in relationship boundaries.

Live a life of meaning and purpose.

Feel more passionate about life.

​Beyond making a home, and making a living, we can liberate and cultivate the capacity to live a life that is " good, true and beautiful" as Plato says. It is in our hearts that we know that our lives are about more than survival or success--human beings were built for love.

If your heart’s desire is to feel passionate and engaged in a meaningful life please join Christine and T for this five week journey of discovery.

When: Five Monday Evenings October 19th thru November 16th.

Where: Humboldt Coastal Nature Center, Manila.

Time: 6:30-9:15 p.m.

Cost: $120 by Oct. 5th, $135 thereafter.

Once again we have procured the use of this great space in the Manila Dunes! (Below)