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Series: The Natural Goodness of Being

Five Monday Evenings in March 

We are not machines to tinker with, tweak, and adjust. Spirituality is more than a set of rules and rites.
It is possible to live a life of meaning, depth, and nuance, to find fulfillment at home in our own souls.

Join Us for
a five-week series designed to connect you to the basis of transformation — the natural goodness of being alive.

·       Release fixed viewpoints and see the world with fresh eyes

·       Uncover the hidden compromises that limit your growth

·       Let go of the self-punishment of the “fixer” mentality

·       Experience the physiological basis of well-being

·       Learn practical techniques of self-regulation


When: Five Monday Evenings in March (3 thru 31)

Time: 6:30 to 9:15

Where: Humboldt Coastal Nature Center, Manila

Cost: $120 by Feb. 28  $135 thereafter