Fire Module

Cultivating Your Inner Fire

Eight Monday Nights 7:15-9:45

Om Shala Yoga Studio Begin September 17


For those of us with the yearning to live an ever more real and honest life it is imperative that we clarify our intention; live with greater courage, discipline and integrity. There are specific obstacles to living such a life. Confronting these obstructions with compassion, support and understanding, liberates the inner qualities that propel us deeper into the experience of our True Nature.

Facing life in a manner that reflects knowledge of our True Being requires a great deal from us; a commitment to situational truth as well as deeper truths of non-duality and the ultimate perfection of reality. A spiritually mature human being must realize a variety of qualities for the evolution of their soul to become real in the world.

Through a refined self-understanding and ever-deepening contact with our essence, we experience the flowering of our potential. Our inner strength comes forward in the form of courage, initiative, discrimination, impeccability, individuation and boundaries; on our journey we face the obstacles to these qualities: weakness, aimlessness, anger, lack of clarity and direction. Will is transformed from uncertainty or a hard, stubborn contraction into a light yet solid confidence, steadfastness, and inner assuredness. Facing bitterness, helplessness and powerlessness with compassion and understanding brings forth a deep serenity and a pervasive, inviolable, spacious presence. The concentrated energy of physical survival becomes liberated and available while clearing the psychic debris that blocks our potential and ultimately our destiny.

If you desire to transition to a spiritual life from a spiritual practice, please contact us . Fee: $185

We request that you speak with us individually to make sure this series is right for you.