Butterflies are free and that's what we strive to be...free of the past, free of the pain, free of the guilt, free of the burdens that we grew up with. Free from living in the darkness and fear. In my own recovery, I have used many ... Source: http://www.drwnet.com/bfly/ Document Date: 17 Jul 1998

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*Keywords: butterflies, monitoring, SW Ukraine, species list, literature sources, statistics, databases, mapping, live photos (images).

*Information on the fields of work of "ALEXANOR" Company for Science Implementation

* Archive pages 2007 


1974-2014  -  40 years of butterfly study

*The Anatomy of a Butterfly
*Information on butterfly monitoring project in SW Ukraine territory is available

* Butterfly Transects Videos in the Ukrainian Butterfly Monitoring Scheme


*Participation in international projects and symposiums, and so on.

*Social networks: Twitter Prof-Networks-1 BMSINTHEWESTUKRAINE 

*Butterfly forums: Personal Diary

 *A list of butterflies with 1XX species for SW Ukraine with their scientific, English, German, Dutch, Hungarian, Russian and Ukrainian names, containing distribution maps and images of butterflies that never previously photographed in colour, or in their natural habitat.
 *Bibliography. Information on literature sources about butterflies in SW Ukraine territory is available.
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 Lepidoptera:   Geographical Index http://www.chebucto.ns.ca/Environment/NHR/geographical.html

EU-wide monitoring methods and systems of surveillance for species and habitats of Community interest 
Lepidopterology — The study of butterflies and moths

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