Civilian lives devastated by continued arms sales NEWS - 23/03/2018

The Saudi Arabian-led coalitions campaign of airstrikes against the Huthi armed group began on 25 March 2015. Since this time, Amnesty International has documented how all parties to the conflict have repeatedly violated international law. Read more.

Amnesty International is calling on the United States, United Kingdom and France to immediately cease supplying arms to the Saudi Arabian-led coalition fighting in Yemen, which is impeding humanitarian assistance, including items indispensable to the survival of civilians. Read more.

At least 30 Somali and Ethiopian refugees and migrants reportedly drowned after leaving the coast of south-western Yemen to flee back to Africa on 23 January 2018. Read more.

In Amnesty's written statement to the 37th session of the United Nations Human Rights Council, the continuing suffering of Yemenis at the hands of all parties to the conflict was highlighted together with their continuing disregard to their obligations under international humanitarian and human rights law. Read more.

The international community has also once again caved into political pressure, underplaying the suffering of hundreds of Yemeni children, by watering down criticism of the Saudi Arabia-led coalition's grave violations of international law in the United Nations Secretary General's annual Children and Armed Conflict report. Read more.

An article on why war crimes against children bear no repercussions was published in Newsweek.

On 29 September 2017, a United Nations Human Rights Council resolution was passed mandating a group of international experts to investigate abuses by all parties to the conflict in Yemen in a momentous breakthrough that will pave the way for justice for countless victims of human rights abuses and grave violations of international law, including war crimes. Read more.

A photoblog from the conflict is available here.

Huthi court sentences three to death - NEWS - 15/02/2018 - ARTICLE - 13/04/2018
A woman and two men were forcibly disappeared, ill-treated and given a patently unfair trial before being sentenced to death by a court in the Huthi controlled capital Sana'a for allegedly aiding an enemy country. Read more.

An article published in Newsweek details the case of Asmaa al-Omeissy and how she suffers the wrath of the Huthis' 'psychological war' on opponents.

Missile attack possible war crime - NEWS - 26/03/2018
On 25 March 2018, it was reported that the Huthi armed group in Yemen had fired seven ballistic missiles at airports in Riyadh and other Saudi Arabian cities, killing one civilian, in a possible war crime. Read more.

Huthis must quash death sentence - NEWS - 03/01/2018
Amnesty International is calling on the Huthi authorities to immediately quash the death sentence against against Hamid  Haydara, a 52-year-old prisoner of conscience, who has been sentenced to death for allegedly collaborating with Israel and forging official documents. Amnesty believed he is being held on account of his conscientiously held beliefs and peaceful activities as a member of the Baha'i community Read more

Previously, in a joint statement with the Mwatana Organisation for Human Rights, Amnesty had called on the Huthi authorities to immediately and unconditionally release Hamid. Read more.

Release of Hisham al-Omeisy welcomed - GOOD NEWS - 16/01/2018
Amnesty International welcomes the news that Hisham al-Omeisy, a journalist, was released on 15 January 2018 after having been detained incommunicado by Huthi forces in Sana'a since 14 August 2017 without access to a lawyer of his family. Amnesty also calls on the Huthi authorities to immediately and unconditionally free all prisoners of conscience languishing in detention. Read more.

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