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President granted immunity- NEWS - 23/01/2012
A law, passed on 21 January 2012, provides immunity from prosecution for former president, Ali Abdullah Saleh, together with all those who worked with him during his administration. The law is a bitter blow for those calling for justice for human rights violations over recent years. Read more.
Since 16 February 2011, more than 300 people have been killed and over a thousand injured during the protests. Amnesty is particularly concerned over reports that security forces have blocked access to hospitals for the injured. On 23 March, Yemen's parliament passed an emergency law giving security forces extensive powers of detention and imposing heavy restrictions on public assembly.
At least 52 people were killed on 18 March 2011 following an apparently coordinated sniper attack on protesters in Sana'a. More than 200 people were also injured in the attack which took place following Friday prayers as protesters gathered near Sana'a University. Amnesty International has called on the government of Yemen to take immediate action to bring to justice those responsible. Read more.

Executions imminent - ACTION - 12/09/2011
The execution of five men, that had earlier this year been postponed, is once again imminent and they could still be executed at any time as they have exhausted all their appeals. The men were sentenced to death in July 2006 for the murder of two men. Their death sentences were ratified by the president in 2009. Hundreds of people are under sentence of death in Yemen and at least 53 people were executed in 2010. Take action.
Moment of truth for Yemen - REPORT - 05/04/2011
In its latest report on Yemen, Amnesty International calls on the international community to play a more active role to ensure that Yemenis get accountability for the recent bloody killings. The report documents the brutal repression of a wave of protests against the rule of the presiden, fuelled by frustration at corruption, unemployment and repression of freedoms. Read the report.

Fatima Hussein al-Badi - (threat of execution)

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