Execution of 15 people 'horrific' - PRESS RELEASE - 04/03/2017

On 4 March 2017, Jordan ended an eight-year moratorium on the death penalty with the execution of 15 people.

Arrest Sudanese president - NEWS - 29/03/2017
Amnesty international called on the Jordanian authorities to arrest Sudanese president, Omar al-Bashir, and hand him over to the International Criminal Court when the Sudanese leader arrived in Amman for the Arab League Summit. Read more.

Aid deliveries must be followed by long term solution - NEWS - 10/10/2016
Reports about the resumption of humanitarian aid to 75,000 refugees stranded in a remote, arid area along the Jordanian-Syrian border called the 'berm' are a long-awaited glimmer of hope that should be followed by a sustainable, long term solution, Amnesty has stated.

Recent video footage and satellite images showed makeshift graves and burial mounds offering a rare glimpse inside the desert no man's land where tens of thousands of refugees had been virtually cut off from humanitarian aid since 21 June 2016. Read more.

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Screenshot from video obtained via 
the Tribal Council of Palmyra.

Amnesty International had previously called on the Jordanian authorities to ensure the 'iron fist'  security response pledged in the wake of a car bombing of a military outpost along the border with Syria on 21 June did not descend into closing the border and denying humanitarian aid to tens of thousands of Syrian refugees fleeing armed conflict. Read more.

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