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Young men at risk of execution - PUBLIC STATEMENT - 21/03/2017 - BLOG - 21/03/2017

Amnesty International remains extremely concerned about the impending exercution of three young men arrested as teenagers and sentenced to death. 
Ali al-Nimr, Abdullah al-Zaher and Dawood al-Marhoon have exhausted all of their appeals and are at risk of execution at any time. All three were arrested when they were under the age of 18 and say they 'confessed' following torture. Abdulkareem al-Hawaj has also had his conviction and death sentence confirmed for an offence he committed when he was under 18 years of age. Read more.

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    • I call on  @KingSalman to STOP execution of juvenile offenders in #Saudi. #stoptorture
    • Demand @KingSalman halts executions of young activists who say they were tortured to 'confess'! #stoptorture
    • .@KingSalman justice is in your hands. Abdullah al-Zaher's mother's heart is breaking - spare his life today!
    • We urge @KingSalman to spare the life of Abdulkareem al-Hawaj, arrested aged 16, now on death row
    • #Ali_AlNimr says he was tortured to 'confess', now he's been sentenced to death: @KingSalman end the injustice now!
    • Dawood al-Marhoon’s mum says we cannot lose hope & we won’t! Urge @KingSalman to save him from execution
Read a blog written by their mothers to mark Mother's Day in Saudi Arabia.

Ruthless crackdown against human rights activists - NEWS - 10/01/2017
Authorities in Saudi Arabia have begun 2017 with an intensified crackdown against human rights activists dealing another heavy blow to the last vestiges of the country's embattled civil society. Read more.

Sudanese activists interrogated for activism - URGENT ACTION UPDATE - 17/03/2017
Elgassim Mohamed Seed Ahmed and Elwaleed Imam Hassan Taha, who till 13 February 2017 had been held incommunicado in Saudi Arabia since their arrest on 21 December 2016, have now been interrogated by the Saudi Arabian authorities about their social media activism and are now awaiting trial. They have been told they could face deportation to Sudan where they would be at risk of torture and other ill-treatment. They are prisoners of conscience. Take action.

Human rights defender's sentence upheldURGENT ACTION - 06/03/2017
Issa al-Hamid, a human rights defender, had his 11-year prison sentence upheld by the Specialised Criminal Court in Riyadh. It is feared that he could be detained at any time to start serving his sentence and would be a prisoner of conscience if detained. Issa al-Hamid was originally sentenced to a nine year prison term for his work promoting human rights but had his sentence increased on 1 December 2016 to 11 years in prison on appeal followed by a travel ban of equal duration as well as a fine of 100,000 Saudi Riyals. Take action.

Sudanese political activist held incommunicado - URGENT ACTION - 28/02/2017
Alaa Aldin al-Difana, a Sudanese national and political activist, is currently being held incommunicado without charge, following his arrest on 26 December 2016, raising fears he could be at risk of torture and other ill-treatment. He requires access to a lawyer and medical care. Take action.

Prisoner of conscience held incommunicado - URGENT ACTION - 10/02/2017
Nazeer al-Majed, a writer, has been held in incommunicado detention since 18 January 2017 after being sentenced by the Specialised Criminal Court in Riyadh to seven years in prison. He is a prisoner of conscience and is at risk of torture and ill-treatment. Take action.

Human rights defender jailed for online activism - URGENT ACTION - 31/01/2017
Essam Koshak, a human rights defender, has been detained since 8 January 2017 for his online activism. He is a prisoner of conscience and should be immediately and unconditionally released. Take action.

Human rights activist in arbitrary detention - URGENT ACTION UPDATE - 24/01/2017
Issa al-Nukheifi, a human rights activist, was detained again on 18 December 2016. He is a prisoner of conscience and should be immediately released. Take action.

Mass death sentences a travesty of justice - NEWS - 06/12/2016
Amnesty International has said that the condemning of 15 people to death by the Specialised Criminal Court on 6 December 2016 after a grossly unfair trial is a travesty of justice and a serious violation of human rights. Read more.

Response to Saudi-led coalition's investigations - NEWS - 09/03/2017
The Saudi Arabia's led coalition's investigative mechanism, the Joint Incidents Assessment Team (JIAT), published a series of legal conclusions in 2016 surrounding specific air strike incidents where concerns have been raised that international humanitarian law may have been breached. Amnesty International has reviewed all publicly available legal and factual conclusions and in response has expressed concerns that the JIAT's investigations appear to be falling short of international standards including those of transparency, independence, impartiality and effectiveness. Read more.

In a new investigation, Amnesty International has corroborated new evidence that the Saudi Arabia-led coalition has fired Brazilian manufactured rockets containing banned cluster munitions striking three residential areas and surrounding farmland in the middle of Sa'da City, injuring two civilians and causing material damage. Read more.

Amnesty has called on Saudi Arabia to immediately abandon all use of cluster munitions, destroy its stockpile and accede to the international Convention on Cluster Munitions after its surprise admission on 19 December 2016 that it used the inherently indiscriminate weapon in Yemen. Read more.

AIUK is calling for the total suspension of all weapons sales to Saudi Arabia that risk fuelling further atrocities in Yemen. Read more.

For more information on the Saudi Arabian led coalition attacks on Yemen go here.

ACPRA seventh anniversary - BLOG 28/10/2016

October 2016 marks the seventh anniversary of the founding of the Saudi Civil and Political Rights Association (ACPRA). Ten of the eleven founding members are currently either imprisoned and serving lengthy sentences, on trial and facing imprisonment or have been sentenced and are awaiting detention.

Maha al-Qahtani, the wife of Mohammad al-Qahtani, explains what life has been like for the family since his arrest in this blog. Mohammad, an economics professor and co-founder of ACPRA, is serving a 10-year prison sentence for his peaceful activism.

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