Fellow chip collector Jim Follis informed me he saw the following two chips used in a demonstration game of blackjack set up by Seven Luck Casino at a G2E Gaming Expo held in Las Vegas in 2007 or 2008.
Written on the blue chip to the left is "Ten Thousand won" in Korean and below it is "10,000".  The red chip on the right has "One Hundred Thousand won" in Korean writing and below it is "100,000".  There is no casino name on both chips.  The chips are the same on both sides.  The chips can be identified by six dashes along the edge where the quarter moons are.

The scan of the white chip above was sent to me by a fellow chipper, Robert Reno.  It is a sample Matsui chip and matches the blue and red chips perfectly.  Both the red and blue chips were manufactured by Matsui Gaming Machine Co., Ltd.
Thanks Robert!

Following Robert's lead I obtained a Matsui sample chip similar to his.  I matched up the edge markings on the above blue chip (10,000) and red chip (100,000) with the sample chip I got.  The edge markings matched up perfectly; there are six dashes on each edge below the quarter moons.
The scan showing the edge marking on the three chips was very challenging to make.  Trying to align and balance all three chips upright on a slippery glass scanner bed took a lot of patience.

Samples used in Seven Luck Casino Gaming Pamphlet 
In 2006 a gaming pamphlet was obtained from Seven Luck Casino explaining the rules of Tai Sai.  The blue chip (10,000) and red chip (100,000) are pictured in this pamphlet.  An enlargement on the left shows the sample chips.
On the back of the same pamphlet is a picture of a blackjack table and these chips are pictured again.  Enlargement is on the left.

In 2009, IRIS, a popular Korean TV drama was broadcast by KBS.  In Episode 2 one of the scenes was the Seven Luck Casino at COEX Center.  Here are some screen shots from that episode.
The first picture is the sign shown in the TV show with the actual sign outside Seven Luck COEX Center below it.  The KBS2 logo is visible in the top picture in the left top corner:

The next screenshot is a stack of chips used.  It is the same red, 100,000 won chip described above.  I've placed the chip picture next to the screenshot:

The next screenshot shows the Baccarat table with lead actress Tae-hee Kim. Stacks of the blue 10,000 won chip are also visible:
These chips were never used in the casino except for the making of promotional items.  These chips cannot be cashed and were made as samples or "props".

Here are a couple of sample chips from Bourgogne-et-Grasset.  Paradise Group used these types of chips in their casinos.