Finding a wallet can be difficult with all the many choices so 3D decided to drop some wallet links with quick tips!

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Free Bitcoin

Free Bitcoin:

Free Bitcoin can be used as a wallet by using the "Deposit" & "Withdraw" buttons! Don't forget to activate 2-Factor Auth for higher security! Low fees and an approx wait time of 2hrs - 2dys for transactions.

Stakes BTC at ~4% per year (after 30,000 Satoshi is left in account). Stakes per day equally to about 4% a year.

Free Bitcoin Full Review

so many wallwts

Free Wallet (Family):

The Free Wallet Family has approx 15 wallets and is a one-stop shop when buying Altcoins or Bitcoins. Top up any wallet offered by Free Wallet Family with most currencies Free Wallet has a wallet of!



Xapo offers a debit card for only 20.00$USD. When using a xapo faucet users can get instant payouts to their Xapo wallet!


A hardware wallet that does not connect to the internet.



Abra is an trading application that has built in wallets to hold the currencies you want to trade.

cash app join

Cash App:

Cash App is a USD/BTC pairs & wallet application for easy spending of your Bitcoins or USD.



CoinPot is a micro-transaction wallet to help collect small amounts of Satoshi, Litetoshi, Dash, Doge & Bitcoin Cash to get a bigger payout later.

Get Banked but Be Your Bank


Chime is a digital only bank with participating partners and ATMs helping more people to have a bank.


Faucet Hub:

Faucet Hub is one of the original Micro wallet hubs. Faucet Hub can handle multiple Altcoins.


Cold Storage:

Cold Storage is the simplest forms of wallets and is a more common way to use Bitcoin ATMs! Set up, print, verify, done! Cold Storage is offered for almost all Cryptocurrencies upon the Blockchain!