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"Buying, Selling & Trading is a great way to earn a revenue in a currency you can use today, just hold some crypto for when the price rises!" --3D

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"An easy way to earn quickly from bitcoins is to invest in cloud mining with Hashflare, Genesis-Mining & Hashing24. When the value of your coins are at a high, use a crypto debit card to spend your coins almost anywhere." --3D

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Cloud mining has become an almost essential part of the Bitcoin ecosystem. Accredited Bitcoin Minters have to provide their own miner pool so many people whom have the know how to build mining rigs do. They sell the CPU's multi-GUI computing possibility to pay for the electric bills, employee cost & site managing. There's trick to these, they accept Bitcoins and some Altcoins!

So, earning Bitcoins or Altcoins and using those funds to buy computing power° makes it possibly free money that's a constant flow! Even If you die your contract is good (for lifetime contacts). Most contracts are transferable as savings accounts, college funds, etc to the appropriate Broker in the name of your granted party.

Investing is similar to cloud mining where most investing companies keep their systems automated and turnkey they are a pay-ROI system. So, you pay an xAmount and for a return for an xLength of time. Investing is buying into a company as services instead of stock but we get a more constant ROI% compared to traditional stock-buy investing. Placing investments in multiple companies at once can mimic a mutual fund investment portfolio.

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°Computing Power = Hashpower units (Memory*GUI-your Speed*Net Speed)⤵

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