Hash Donations

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Use your time to donate Monero:

Simply click on one of the options below to verify you by having your browser mine Monero ($XMR || #XMR).

Approximately 0.00014 $XMR for every 1 Million processed hases.

20 seconds |or| 256#

(0.00000001 $XMR)

2 minutes |or| 512#

(0.00000003 $XMR)

4 minutes |or| 768#

(0.00000009 $XMR)

7 minutes |or| 1024#

(0.00000015 $XMR)

20 minutes |or| 5120#

(0.00000060 $XMR)

Below is a Bitcoin (BTC) miner to donate directly into the 3dbtclist.com wallet.

Thank you for donating directly to the creator of this site & the site itself.

All times are approximate and based off test runs. All times could be longer or shorter based upon your CPU per & your internet connection. All donation amounts are based upon 0.00014708/1000000 (at approx 170 hours).