2018 Announcement

3D Mining is no longer supporting Bitcoin Cash since the split of chain issues that came from Bitcoin Cash: Satoshi's Vision, Bitcoin Cash: ABC, Bitcoin Cash: Unlimited.

3D Mining is still currently mining $BCH only to undermine it by hotswapping (non-exchange swaps) $BCH for the original Bitcoin, $BTC.

Not everyone supports Bitcoin Cash (BCH) but these crypto lists has been supporting #BCH since August 2017.

Here's more information on why both are supported here:

 Bitcoin Cash
  • Is known as the first cryptocurrency but is the third.
  • Is supported by most crypto accepting companies and is becoming mainstream.
  • Has a very solid code core.
  • Useable as credit.
  • Usable as hedge fund*.

*Retirement plan, Insurance plan, 401k, investment growth mutual fund

  • Usable as a savings plan.
  • Is considered securities in many countries.
  • More well known.
  • Is the first Bitcoin forked Altcoin.
  • Is growing support in a similar way that Bitcoin grew many years ago (with a small but powerful user support).
  • Has a solid code core (because it is mostly Bitcoin's core).
  • Mostly useable as credit but is more used to bypass fees for Bitcoin transfers.
  • Uses MB size transactions (tx) independently.
  • GPU process possible.

**Bitcoin Cash is not Bitcoin**

People that support Bitcoin Cash have one major point of reason, the transaction flow stays fairly low.

The live transaction (Tx) Traffic chart is a real representation of BTC vs BCH Tx.

View the website, Tx Highway.