"Everyone has their own method, I use a combination of some of the top Bitcoin earners tips with my personal investing technique to form the best free crypto earning-to-invest method!" -- 3D

Below is the quick guide method, click here for the full method!

My Method

Basic Methodology

My method is pretty simple:

⊙Earn Free Crypto easily through faucets

⊙Get Referrals, the more the merrier

⊙Work hard to double or more your Satoshi at a BTC Casinos & Dice Games like ➡ Freebitco

⊙Use your free Bits to purchase Hashpower from cloud miners

⊙Repeat the faucet and referrals game

⊙Reinvest every other month, collect and stake the other months, Repeat for 1-5 year(s)

⊙Get 2-5 gmail accounts & corresponding wallets per account to be your own referral (each account needs to be on separate devices)

⊙Now use all your accounts on faucets

⊙Shift funds to a single wallet at the end of each week or month

⊙Build a GoDaddy or Sites.Google website

⊙Use your referral links in banners and links to direct people to your favorite crypto sites

⊙Funnel by building one site and attach multiple URLs or build multiple sites of the same thing but different appearances and URLs

⊙Brand yourself

⊙Use cryptocurrency social sites (Steemit & BitLanders) to help your funneling and to earn crypto

⊙Use YouTube and Adsense to gain additional users and Ad funds

⊙Advertise yourself

⊙Never Surrender

⊙Adapt, don't break

When trying to figure out if the investment site, faucet or app is going to pay or not, try:

The Bad Bitcoin List

The Good Bitcoin List

Sources of information can be very important in entrepreneurship of any kind.

Here are some news sources to try:

Invest in Blockchain


A bit of news

My Tips

Common Tips

¤ Get 30+ referrals (per site) for 'auto-play' (per site)

¤BTC Dice Games, Casinos & Freebitco can allow you to double++ your balance

¤Xapo Faucets payout instantly & can inform you of empty faucet accounts

¤ Use 'Auto-pay' for larger referred site for autopilot (autopilot is when you don't actively use but it pays out to you somewhat regularly)

¤ Almost all legit cloud mines require a deposit for there to be a return on an investment (ROI)

¤ Altcoin cloud mining is an easy way to make a bunch of Altcoins

¤Altcoins sometimes have higher percentage increments per day or week than bitcoin

¤Using Altcoins or Bitcoins is possible with Crypto Debit Cards or scaled adoption

¤Only be okay about downloading your private keys, a password file or password hash from your altcoin wallet and nothing else

¤Auto-play on a faucet is where you earn as much as normal or more just through referrals

¤With faucet sites, the more accounts the more income but with miner sites one account per site is just fine. You have to pay fees with miner sites so, more accounts = more fees

¤Never download anything to use app faucets (besides the app apk), browser faucets or cloud miner

¤Don't always trust reviews

¤Never Give Up

¤Reach Out (if needed, E-mail at the bottom of every page)

¤There's always new ways to earn Bitcoins, find 'em & share 'em





¤Speak up



"A plan is only as good as its execution.

Work hard, earn much, hold and stake."

-- 3D