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"Take back control of your money!"


"To help more people learn about cryptocurrency, adopt crypto into their everyday life, assist businesses in adopting/accepting crypto while helping people earn 'FREE' cryptocurrency."

--3D, O.O.:

3D's Crypto Co, 3D's Mining Co, 3D's Tech KB & Deoblou Corp


  1. Proving crypto can be obtained for free
  2. Helping as many people as possible
  3. To be "on-point" and accurate with information
  4. To increase one's coding abilities (the operator's)
  5. Help crypto users find working and paying sites
  6. To teach others how to work from home, get extra money or even build a passive income portfolio
  7. Innovate or invest in crypto companies that are innovating the crypto space
  8. Inform
  9. Help
  10. Earn

As a young Entrepreneur, 3Douglas P. (3D) started Deoblou Corp (D_C) with a friend, eventually it fell through and was forgotten until 2006 when 3D revived it with YouTube. Now Over 10 years later, D_C is still running! Since 2012, 3D has meddled with Cryptocurrencies. From building tables, scripts, encryptions and presenting Alternative Cryptocoins (ALTCoin) to finding ways to earn free Bitcoins (BTC) or Satoshi (SAT).

Earning free BTC isn't the problem, it's going from amounts of less then 1BTC (aka SAT) to multiple BTC & then to a way you can use it!

That's the secret 3D figured out from proactive work & some of the greatest Bitcoin Earners.

3D simply wants to teach more people how to take advantage of the intangible credit system, Bitcoin!

3D's BTC Lists works in many ways:

  1. Bookmark and you have 30+ faucets & 3+ miner sites at your fingertips
  2. Available How2 Videos, reviews, other videos for visual learners and entertainment
  3. A Quick Guide, Tips and Full Methodology available for extra help
  4. There's a page to earn money doing almost anything online from watching videos, reading books to tracking your weight
  5. 3D is a Peer2Peer Contract Writer™ and has a contract page for anyone to view
  6. Being a young Developer, anthropology fan, Cryptology fan and programmer 3D is a human that can be trusted!
  7. 3D is Mentally Handicapped, a father of three and walks within the Light so just using 3dbtclist.com is supporting a small business owner, young entrepreneur & a father.

Each listed spot is linked to the corresponding page for the mentioned info

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