The Brake Down

To help settle confusion on specific points, topics and already asked questions I'm breaking it down.


There's hundreds of wallets you can use & you'll need a wallet for each type of currency you use, trade or collect.

The FreeWallet apps are designed to make it easy to get a wallet and bitcoins. You can transfer coins from other Altcoins to deposited into your account as Bitcoins. Free wallet has about 15 wallets including an All-in-one app that is in comparison to the more well known Coinbase wallet.

The Xapo Wallet system was designed upon security. They have incoming fund fees for any transaction coming in from non-Xapo wallets that are under 80,000 $STH. If you have 20$USD in Satoshi (USA can no longer get a xapo debit card) you can get a Xapo Wallet Debit Card (15-35$USD in Satoshi Annual Processing Rate **yearly).

The Coinbase Wallet system is designed where you can easily connect different cryptocurrency debit cards including but not limiting to, Visa Shift Card, Discover Crypto Cards & certain Master Card Debit Cards. Coinbase charges to send Satoshi on top of your transfer fees. Coinbase has been offering more types of currency wallets including but not limited to: USD, LTC, BTC, ETH.

Bitpay is designed around speed and price. It's free to get and has one of the lowest cryptodebit card prices. Bitpay saves your Bitcoins on your device or computer instead of their servers for added protection on your end.

Blockchain Brand Wallet systems are made or approved as an official Blockchain Brand. Blockchain wallet charges any of these types of fees: receiving funds, sending funds, holding funds, monthly, daily, yearly or processing fees.

Green/GUI Wallet systems are designed around simplicity and are normally built on a single server. These wallets were dropped by the Blockchain servers for service in the major portion of the Bitcoin Mining Pools. The biggest issues with these wallets are: if the individual servers are turned off or reset all the wallets and coins inside are lost.

Cold Storage A.K.A. Paper Wallets is not what it seems. A paper wallet is a lightly coded wallet while a cold storage is the minimum type of blockchain wallet and is normally printed off a website like btcaddress.org then you fold it, share it and bam instant wallet! Keep in mind cold storage wallets must be verified within 24 hours after creation. The sooner the better, if you don't you may lose your coins. These wallets can be the most anonymous and must be printed in a special way. Watch the videos available at Deoblou Corp's YouTube.

Hardware Wallet Systems are probably the best wallets because you can remove them from the internet. Once offline you can't send or receive coins, which means they can't be hacked while offline.

Wallet Tips

  • Only use a Xapo wallet for Xapo faucets (Xapo faucets use Xapo wallets)
  • Never use a non-Xapo wallet for Xapo faucets
  • Only send money out of Xapo, do not accept non-Xapo wallet/faucet payments/funds
  • Xapo wallet will tell you whom sent you your funds
  • Coinbase will not tell you whom sent you your funds
  • All wallets should allow for sending comments (a memo added from the sender)
  • Coinbase is best for receiving donations and payments
  • Payments are referring to when a regular person pays a company or a regular person pays a regular person
  • When a company pays a regular person, it's called receiving funds


Faucets are based on a basic principle, ads.

Yep the beloved faucets work off of ads.

We view the ads, they get paid, we click the ads, they get paid...so they give us about 0.01 - 0.90 $USD on average per x-Length of time of seen Ad.

There's thousands of faucets, 80% of them are old, dead, fake or a scam. Of the 80%:

Scams 15%

Fake 10%

Dead 35%

Old 20%

All of the just listed %s means those sites will just waste your time. That's why I spent 2-3 years finding the best ones and figuring out how to tell which faucets will pay out. I also took the time to learn the different wallet and faucet fee interactions.

There is about 20% of faucets that do work, payout and some people are getting rich! Faucets are a Long Term Return on Investment funds unless you actually invest. There are a very small percentage of faucets that require investing to receive funds, I do not deal with these faucets but do list them.

Quick side tip about 3D:

There's many people whom made it big on $5 - $20 starting investments but I show people how to get that first $5 - $20 to invest for FREE! If you're a "you gotta spend money to make money" skip down to the Casino & Games section. Everyone else can use faucets to get started.

Faucet Tips

  • Only use an Email account that's connected to an active Xapo Wallet to sign into Xapo faucets
  • Xapo faucets will say to login via "Email or Bitcoin address" or it'll say to login with your "Xapo Email"
  • Don't pay into faucets unless you see me do a how2video or part instructional pictures on specific faucets for deposits on facebook
  • Not all faucets work the same, pay attention to what the buttons say and what the withdraw policy is per faucet
  • Faucets come and go constantly, be prepared for a faucet to stop working one day
  • Don't strictly trust reviews, look at the date & time the review was made, check more then 5 reviews & don't use affiliate reviews from another review company/person
  • Faucets that payout at 10,000-300,000 $STH are common and the larger the payout Minimum, the less number of people that actually collect from that faucet


Companies use referrals to gain more money, so they cut you a sliver of money. Normally companies give you a percentage of what your referrals make, miner referrals normally give you extra hashpower but a small amount of companies will give you direct satoshi payout for every new member referred by you.

Casinos & Games

All over major UN countries have Casinos, especially the USA! Casinos and Lotteries are a common method to mostly "steal" consumers money. So, naturally Bitcoin developers will go into these systems but some people on YouTube and Twitter figured out the math to steal back from the crooked casino & lotto type systems.

Here is what is to choose from

& if you should try them [✔|✖]:

Casinos (✖)

Lotto (✖)

non-casino Dice Games (✔)

non-casino Slots (pay in) (✖)

non-casino Slots (free) (✔)

non-casino Scratchers (pay in) (✖)

non-casino Scratchers (free) (✔)

Notice the Casino connected systems are no good but there are systems that are similar that's not rigged by extremely small percentages.

Casino & Games Tips

  • If they give you free credits but they don't let you to withdraw unless you make a deposit, don't deal with them
  • If the casino or game doesn't use bitcoins, mBTC, Satoshi or a type trade-able Altcoin then don't deal with them
  • If you win at a casino, lotto or game and you have to deposit to receive your winnings, don't deal with them
  • If a casino, lotto or game takes money from your winnings as a fee and you actually receive an amount of your winnings into your wallet within 33 business days then they are a legit system
  • The most legit casino systems won't allow most USA-State's citizens to participate
  • There's such a thing as VPNs but I am not suggesting it


This is where all the hard work has come to.

You earned small amounts of BTC to use at the casino type games to win big and now, you get to buy hashpower for a passive income, until they stop as a business or change their contracts. Even if you die, your mining accounts can earn bitcoin or altcoin. This will happen unless your state/country has a bitcoin trading policy within their currency exchange policies.

Mining Pools are a requirement to be a Bitcoin Minter. Minters are the companies that run servers for documentation of transfers (the proofs of sending and receiving coins) and miner tables (all miner info).

Mining in a mining pool should have a starting fee, processing fee or an API creation fee. You can't mine without a minter mining pool or else your mining won't be saved then all the possible earned bitcoins will be lost, for the transfers sent will be considered fake, labeled as so and dropped.

Hackers use the dropped coins list in the .onion network to reuse the fake coins as real coins (this system hasn't really worked since 2012 but is called bitcoin doubling/dupping).

Don't trust Bitcoin Doubling/Dupping.

Miner Tips

  • If they let you mine for free, you'll need to either reinvest or get referrals to be able to withdraw
  • If they let you mine for free but require a deposit (not a reinvestment) to receive funds, don't deal with them
  • The Hashpower Hierarchy (slowest at top):

Single Byte Hash (H)

Kilobyte Hash (KH)

Megabyte Hash (MH)

Gigabyte Hash (GH)

Terabyte Hash (TH)

Petabyte Hash (PH)

  • What is Hashpower? Simply the speed in which the equation used to process sending coins is finished per transaction (not per block).
  • A block is an xAmount of transactions stored on a blockchain.
  • When a block is being mined, the Transaction shares are being processed.
  • Having your own miners can be costly unless you can mine ten or more million in Hash per 24-hours.


This is the highlight of cryptocurrency, in the end the Cryptocurrencies give people another stock to sell & trade. The cryptocurrency system is designed similar to Stocks & Bonds.

When Bonds first started, the government and/or banks was selling pieces of paper called Bonds. They had no value and was to raise money during war time for both the war effort and interest racking (building money to use to payout interest on ladder accounts).

Eventually, selling of personal bonds (a bond purchased by a regular person) became a necessity for some which turned other people onto the idea of selling a Business' Bonds (later became known as stocks).

So, trading stocks is just like trading cryptocoins but you don't need special expensive licenses to sell Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoins!

Trading Tips

  • Buy when the value is low
  • Sell when the value is high
  • Pay attention to the lines that finish most often, they set the daily/weekly value ranges
  • Pay attention to your triangle forms
  • Trading Altcoins can give you biggest payouts per sell but are the most unstable
  • Move from trade trend to trade trend
  • Just like Stocks & Bonds, all Cryptocurrencies are unstable
  • Use YouTube and Google to find people whom give active tips on trading

The full method has some in-depth tips but the quick guide method has even more method points and tips! Get there by clicking here!