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Bitcoin, Altcoin and Crypto mining can be done one of a few ways: hardware, software, investing.

Hardware mining - using a device designed just to handle millions of processes as fast as possible. The hardware mining family consists of ASIC miners, thumb miners and Linux based system miners (type of Personal Computer). These miners earn the most money but cost the most to get/run.

Software - javascript allows almost any internet capable device mine cryptocurrency. These miners can be set up for free but earn the least amount of money per device. The perk of using javascript enabled mining is you can build the miner on a webpage so almost any number of devices can mine for you.

Investing - letting a company or personal miner do the grunt work of hardware mining can allow you to profit within a year (on average). This is the middle ground on return. Although you can get a decent amount of daily, weekly or monthly return it'll cost you about one-fourth of the cost to get your own ASIC miner. Profit wise, about 30% after 360 days. So you should get your investment plus 30% just within a year.

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