The Tunnel Game

You are floating aimlessly throughout space. You wonder with a satellite just upon your view. It too seems to have no control, then you see a bust from its side and it Zooms away quickly from your 3 mile view. Lost you may be but then you look behind you, and you see a void-ment in space.


Off to your right is a rock about to hit you! You spin and swim just before it carelessly floats by you. You squat, push towards the rock to place your feet upon it and push-off the rock towards the void-ment.


As you approach the void-ment it begins to take shape. Quickly you realize it's not a void or object-- it's a Space Tunnel!

*Shock Face*

You think, "Radioactive-bound-magnetic-spiralling-Space trapped within dense dark matter." They may be made by Black Holes so the question is...

  1. Enter The Tunnel
Click through
  1. Don't

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