Claudia Martinez

Director of Career Pathways and Social Capital

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Career Exploration 


& career education 

Reflect on your identity, your interests, your skills, your values, and how you can explore careers that align with these areas. 

Experiential Learning

Participate in hands-on activities that can expose you to career pathways and help you develop essential skills. 

Social Capital

It takes a village to succeed in your career journey. Learn how to access and mobilize relationships and resources to further your career and educational goals.  

What is Social Capital?

Social capital is the access and the ability to mobilize relationships and resources that help you - the student - further your potential and reach your goals. When you think of social capital, think about these three elements:

Why is Social Capital Important?

Social capital is pivotal to build your occupational identity and connect to intentional, meaningful career pathways through and after high school. It gives you access to knowledge that you can use to make informed decisions on your postsecondary plans.

Social capital also means reciprocity. Remember: you are part of your social capital, and bring access to knowledge, resources and skills to share with your community 

Workshop Videos 

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