STEAM Innovations

Curious, creative, changemakers

STEAM is a collaborative, interdisciplinary, inquiry approach to learning. It enables students to see opportunities, build empathy, and create innovations with the potential to impact their world in real and powerful ways.

Join us as we reinvent educational experiences and environments together!

Welcome to STEAM

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Our STEAM Initiative combines the Next Generation Science Standards and PBL into a STEAM curriculum that is hands-on, minds-on and integrated. STEAM supports the teaching of grade level content standards for the International Society of Technology in Education, Computer Science, Visual and Performing Arts, Social Justice, English Language Development, and the Common Core.

We are thankful for the support and collaboration over the years with the K-12 Alliance during the K-8 CA NGSS Early Implementation Grant (2015 - 2019)

This list of STEAM facilitator moves and STEAM learner attributes was co-developed with TK/K teachers. Teacher moves are crucial in supporting students as curious, creative, changemakers. We applaud SDUSD teachers for all they do for their students and are grateful for the excitement and joy they bring to facilitating STEAM experiences.

We support teachers as designers and believe teachers are the best people to design experiences for their students.

Teachers know their students best. We want to inspire teachers to use our curriculum and resources to help build their foundation in STEAM and unleash them to innovate in their classrooms.

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