Teachers Corner

What is the Teachers Corner? The Teachers Corner is the place that includes many of the things you need to customize your classroom! There are two Teachers Corner locations, Huron Learning Center in Bad Axe and Highland Pines School in Caro. Both locations are available between 8:15-4:00 during school days and by appointment in the summer. If visiting the Bad Axe location please stop in to the Huron Learning Center office and the staff will direct you. If visiting the Caro location please call ahead. While you are welcome to visit, we strongly encourage you to submit the order form found below and allow us to do the work for you!

Ellison Die Cuts, REMC 10 has over 1,000 die cuts available. The die cuts are like large cookie cutters that can be used with regular paper, construction paper, poster board, magnetic sheets, sponge sheets or any you can think of! The cut outs can then be laminated if desired.

See all of the die cuts that REMC 10 has to offer by clicking HERE. Once you have the document open, hit Ctrl+F to activate your browser's find feature and then type in a keyword to search the document. Please make note of the die number and location to make ordering your cut outs quick and easy! Most dies are on a wood block that is roughly 5" x 6" while the extra large dies are on a wood block that is 9.75" x 11.75".

How much does it cost to use the die cuts? There is no cost to use the die cuts and we will even do the work of making the cut outs for you at no charge! The material used, i.e. paper, sponge sheets, etc. is charged based on the chart below, if you provide your own paper there is no charge.

Cost per Sheet:

  • Construction Paper - $0.05

  • Magnetic Sheets - $2.00

  • Pop up Sponge - $2.00

  • Poly Foam Sheets - $0.75

  • Poster Board - $0.50

Please note that you can generally get more than one cutout from a single sheet, especially with poster board.

Click HERE to access the die cut order form. If you have a Google account you can use the "Make a Copy" option to allow you to edit it in your own Google Drive account, if not, you can download the file and open with Microsoft Excel.

Lamination services is available for the cut outs created from the die cuts as well as for any other items that you would like laminated. Lamination service is provided at $0.20 per linear foot.

Teachers Corner Locations:

  • Highland Pines School, Caro - Site Contact - Jennifer Shelito, 989-673-2144 x30317

  • Huron Learning Center, Bad Axe - Site Contact - Jeff Guza, 989-269-3453

Both locations are available between 8:15-4:00 during school days and by appointment in the summer.