About Us

There are 28 Regional Educational Media Centers in Michigan. REMC 10 serves the public and parochial schools in Huron, Sanilac and Tuscola Counties. Each REMC has unique educational support services that it provides to it's members. REMC 10 is focused primarily on providing technical products and services to our members that leverage our buying power as a whole group with the goal of saving districts money while providing high end services that members couldn't afford individually.

REMC 10 operates a high speed fiber optic network that connects the 23 local schools and 3 ISD's in the Thumb. Across this network many services are shared such as Internet, Firewall/Content Filtering (UTM), Telephony, Data Center Services including access to hosted servers, SAN storage and Backup. Each service is available ala carte. Take a look at the Core Services menu at the top of this page to see a more detailed description and complete list of services.

If you are interested in learning about statewide projects that REMC 10 also supports please visit the REMC Association of Michigan website at www.remc.org.