Discovery Education Logo and link to website.

REMC 10 provides Discovery Education (formerly known as United Streaming) to all member school districts at no cost. This is a value of over $750/building/year! Discovery Education is a video streaming service and so much more! Find thousands of full videos, video clips, clipart, audio clips, lesson plans, writing prompts all geared around education! Both teachers and students can have accounts and teachers can create lessons and/or assignments for their classes directly in the system.

If you are interested in a free Discovery Education training session please contact REMC 10 staff and we will arrange one for you. We also offer a "Day of Discovery" annually around the state that involves more intensive training with the system.

District employees can create their own user accounts by going to the Discovery Education website , clicking on Passcode/Create New User at the top of the page and then entering their school buildings unique 8 digit code on the next page. If you do not know your school buildings code please e-mail Robert Frost or Jennifer Shelito and we will provide it to you ASAP. After entering your building code you will be taken to a page where you can create your own username and password. Please be aware that the username and e-mail address entered on this page has to be unique to the entire Discovery Education system and if there is already a user account associated with your e-mail address it will not allow you to create a new one, if this is the case click instead on Forgot Username/Password at the top of the Discovery Education home page and you will be able to retrieve your Username and/or Password via your e-mail account.

Data projector information: data projectors have continued to drop in price while increasing in capabilities. It is now possible to purchase a very bright, high quality, portable, (non-interactive) data projector in the $400-$600 range. There are many makes and models available through the REMC bid, refer to and search for data projectors. Look for a projector of 2,000 lumens or higher (lumens is a measure of brightness), also look at the lamp life, it is now common to find lamps that will last 5,000 hours or longer. Replacement lamp prices have also fallen into the $99 or less range.