Cooperative purchasing saves districts money! In fiscal year 2018/19 alone, REMC 10 member districts saved $1,350,348 over and above educational list price by using the program. This savings is over and above normal educational pricing.

The bid includes classroom supplies, A/V Equipment, computers, paper and so much more. All items are competitively bid meaning that your school doesn't have to spend the time and money to locally bid items purchased through REMC $AVE. Over the years this program has saved districts statewide over 1 BILLION dollars. Additionally, 1% of all sales goes back to the REMC State Association and is used to fund numerous statewide educational programs. Go to the REMC Association of Michigan website for complete details

Click on the REMC $AVE link above to view pricing or add items to your shopping cart. We think you’ll be impressed with how much this program can save your school district. There is no “extra” charge for this service. All you have to remember is that each vendor needs it’s own purchase order. Purchase orders should be made out directly to the vendor and faxed or e-mailed to that vendor. The vendor details are available on each product page.