Tower Leasing

REMC 10 owns a 460' telecommunications tower in Cass City, MI and is willing to lease space on the tower to interested parties. The tower was originally constructed in 1995 to support "Thumb TV" which broadcast 2 channels of educational programming to all schools in the Thumb. While Thumb TV no longer exists, the revenue that we are able to generate from leasing space on the tower, after expenses, goes to providing low or no cost educational services to our member districts. Many of the services detailed on this website are possible or offered at a reduced rate because of this revenue.

The tower also provides a community service in the sense that several cellular carriers and wireless Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are able to offer service to the homes and businesses in the surrounding area. The companies are able to provide high quality services because of the towers height and central location as well as several fiber optic connections at the base of the tower.

We would like to offer a special THANK YOU to Walbro Corporation for providing the property that the tower sits on! They have been a great partner for many years and their support of the educational community is greatly appreciated!