Data Center Services

REMC 10's Data Center Solutions include high performance SAN technology with replication and backup capabilities and an HP Blade Chassis capable of up to 16 server blades. Our storage offering is spread across 3 facilities that are separated by over 40 miles each and that are connected by a 10Gb fiber optic ring. Each facility features dedicated heat and air conditioning, UPS battery backup and automated generator backup.

Twenty three districts are already taking advantage of these services and enjoying low cost, high end processing with the peace of mind that comes from not dealing with old and expensive server hardware, licensing fees and costly hardware contracts. While there is a cost associated with the use of the Data Center, each service is offered ala carte and is priced well below anything that a district can purchase on their own or even cloud based solutions.

Storage Services:

  • Storage on the primary SAN is sold by the terabyte.

  • Storage on the replica SAN is sold by the terabyte.

  • Storage on the backup server is sold by the terabyte. Access to the backup storage is provided via a virtual machine that will be dedicated to each customer. Anyone that would like to use our Unitrends backup license at no cost is able to do so if they have virtual machines running in our vCenter. If this is not the case, the customer will be required to provide their own backup licensing.

Server Hosting:

  • There are no VMWare licensing fees for the customer, the cost of each VM is all inclusive other than Operating System licenses which are the customers responsibility.

  • The specifications of a standard virtual machine includes: 2 virtual CPUs and 8Gb of RAM. Additional virtual CPUs and RAM are available upon request at an additional cost. Storage is sold separately and is required for any virtual machines purchased.

  • Each virtual machine is placed on the customers VLAN(s) and performs as if it's in the customers own local data center.

  • Each customer will have access to their virtual machines via RDP on their LAN as well as through an RDP app to access the shared vCenter. Each customers login will limit their access to their virtual machines only.

  • The virtual machines operating system can be a fresh install, physical to virtual (P2V) migration or virtual to virtual (V2V) migration. Any migrations will be done with the assistance of REMC 10 technical staff and are usually done over a weekend to limit any school hour outages for you staff and students. We have successfully migrated over 100 servers to our vCenter, the time it takes is totally dependent on the speed of the old hardware as well as the amount of data being migrated.

REMC 10 has on-call technical support at all times to address any issues that may come up with any of our Data Center products as well as any WAN connectivity issues.

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