Community Service

Community service is an integral component of our graduation requirements for a Western Sierra high school diploma. We encourage students to not simply look for service hours as another accomplishment to check off the list. Our vision is to instill a strong sense of personal and civic responsibility. Seeking out community service opportunities also allows students to explore potential career paths, develop interests, and acquire job-seeking skills.

Find a cause that speaks to your heart and go make a difference!

Whether it's helping the elderly, poor, or homeless; cleaning up the community; serving at a faith-based institution; performing community service projects; or volunteering at a non-profit organization, make your community service hours count.


  • All students need to complete 60 hours to meet graduation requirements.

  • Community service must be un-paid work that benefits the community.

  • Submit hours as soon as completed, and the school year in which they are done.

  • Hours need to be served outside of school hours.

    • Class Mentor (TA) hours do not qualify.

    • Service club meetings held during the school day do not qualify.


  • The 60 hours required for graduation must be submitted by March 1st of the student's senior year.

  • Students are encouraged to submit 15 hours per year due May 1st.

  • Distinguished award hours must be submitted by October 1st of the student's senior year.

Distinguished Community Services Award Levels

  • Students who perform additional hours will receive special recognition at graduation.

  • 250 hours = Graduation Cord

  • 500 hours = Graduation Stole

If you have any questions, please visit us in the college and career center!

Community Service Form - 2022

Documentation Process

  1. Print out the community service form or pick one up in the CCC.

  2. Have your parents or supervisor at your activity sign the form.

Some service opportunities may require supervisor, not parent, signature. See Ms. B for details.

  1. Bring the completed form to Mrs. B.

Volunteer Opportunities

The opportunities listed on our site do not imply that there are established agreements for students to volunteer.

As with any volunteer opportunity, discernment with parent approval should be exercised.

Check the College and Career Google Classroom for new opportunities. Add code TOCEZGK