Pattonville Area Community Services for Families and Children

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Most recent update,  September 6th, 2023

On this page, you will find links to agencies within the community that provide a variety of services to children and families.  The web page has been developed by the Pattonville Community Action Team (PCAT), a collaboration of the Pattonville School District and individuals and organizations within our community .  If you have questions or comments, please direct your email to:  or  

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The organizations included in this website are independent of and not affiliated with, nor sponsored by the Pattonville School District or the Pattonville Board of Education. The information contained in this website and the views, opinions and programs of these organizations therefore do not necessarily represent those of the Pattonville School District. The Pattonville School District does not assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy or completeness of any information from outside organizations. Pattonville reserves the right to remove any information at any time as it deems appropriate.

None of the individuals or organizations listed on this website has been screened by Pattonville’s rigorous process used for its own staff members for background checks (criminal, abuse and neglect). Parents/guardians should research any resource they choose to use from this resource list to ensure they are legitimate and appropriate for their children.