School Improvement Plans

Rocky Point Elementary School improvement Team Meeting to Work on School Improvement Plan

School Improvement Plans

Pender County Schools' School Improvement Teams meet regularly to discuss ideas for improving our schools and teaching methods. They also meet to discuss concerns and issues pertaining to our students, teachers, and staff. Yearly, the teams revise their School Improvement Plan which outlines goals and strategies.

The site School Improvement Plans are located in Indistar, which is a school improvement planning tool. Indistar has 12 key indicators plus additional indicators that can be selected to target specific areas of improvement. We invite parents and community partners to view our Indistar plans for strategic improvement using the following link:

The 2017-2018 Low-Performing School Improvement Plans are available for review:

Note: The 2017-18 Improvement Plans for Low Performing Schools in accordance with G.S. 115C-105.37(a1)(5) and G.S. 115C-105.39A(b)(5) can be found online in NCStar.

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Rocky Point Elementary School Improvement Plan Page Link

Rocky Point Elementary School Improvement Plan Page

West Pender Middle School School Improvement Plan Page Link

West Pender Middle School Improvement Plan Page