Pender County has approximately 650 students who are federally connected. Students attend 16 out of 18 of our schools and have parents in all branches of the armed forces. The district partners with local bases to provide services to students whose parents are serving active military duty.

Each year, the district completes a Federally Connected Survey on the 20th day of school to identify students whose parents are federally connected. The survey helps schools offer maximum services to these students and also helps the district apply for additional funding. It also allows some of our schools to participate in the Military and Family Life Counseling (MFLC) program.

The MFLC program serves military service members and families all over the world. Six military impacted schools in Pender County currently have MFLC support. This is a free program and can be accessed with a parent signed consent form.

The MFLC is an active member of the school community who forms relationships with students and teachers by participating in the daily class, lunch, and recess schedules. They are available to any military connected student, staff, or parent who wants counseling support during the school day or before or after school hours.

Students who experience emotional or social issues during the school day can ask to meet with an MFLC counsellor when their school schedule permits or immediately if necessary. The goal is to allow students to have short conversations to help them work through any problems that may be preventing them from focusing on their academic work.

The MFLC may also offer individual or small group sessions on topics such as new student transitions, deployment, social and organizational skills, stress and anger management, or changes at home, like a divorce or grief group. The MFLC can often help by linking new students with current students to assist in making connections. In addition, they have a wealth of information on resources available in the community for military families.

Parents are encouraged to sign the consent form, linked below, and call their school's MFLC with any questions or to learn more about the program and how it may benefit their child or family.

Camp Lejeune Military Liaisons

Julie Fulton

K-12 School Liaison

Marine Corps Community Services, Lejeune-New River

W: 910-449-9915

C: 910-382-5639

Donna Grady

K-12 School Liaison

Marine Corps Community Services, Lejeune-New River

W: 910-449-9749

C: 910-358-3926

Pender County Schools Contact

Sheryl Kimbro, LEA Liaison for Military Students

(910) 259-2187 ext. 710815

Additional Resources