1:1 Information


Do students need their devices everyday?

Yes, students should expect teachers to provide digital content and materials everyday.

Is every student required to have an assigned device?

Yes, Chromebooks are issued by the district.

Why are students getting a device assigned to them?

Use of the devices will better prepare students for continued schooling or work after graduation. It also enables e-learning opportunities required by the state.

Are students able to take the devices home?

In the 2021-22 school year, all students will be able to take devices home.

Can I decorate my Chromebook?

No, it is always fun to decorate and make something your own, but the district will continue to service the machines and we must keep them all standard looking.

How will I be able to tell my Chromebook from others if I can't decorate it?

Each Chromebook will have an identification number and barcode on the back. The number will be inventoried to your name.

Will PCS supply my child with any Chromebook accessories, such as a protective case and wireless mice?

No, the school will not provide protective cases or mice. You may purchase your own case as well as your own wireless mouse if you would like. Protective cases are strongly encouraged. Below you will find some places you can purchase cases and wireless mice:

If I leave a school in Pender County Schools to go to another school/district, what should I do with the Chromebook and charger?

Return it to the school prior to leaving. They will be able to take your device up in the front office.


Can students access personal email accounts from PCS devices?

No, students are not allowed to access their personal email accounts on PCS devices.

School Use

Will there be charging stations at the school?

Charging stations will not be readily available at the school. The Chromebook has a battery capacity of 8 hours when fully charged. Students will need to routinely charge their Chromebooks overnight prior to coming to school the next day. In emergencies, there will be limited charging capacity in the media centers which students can access during their lunch time.

My child forgot to charge their Chromebook before school...now what?

Students should charge their devices every evening to ensure full battery for the school day. Coming to class with an uncharged device is the same as coming to school without needed assignments or materials and will be addressed accordingly.

Can you print from the devices?

Digital online file sharing between staff and students is one of the great advantages of the Chromebooks and is an easy and efficient way to distribute and turn in assignments without printing. It also saves on paper, ink and toner use, thereby saving the district money. Students will not be allowed to print from Chromebooks at school.


Is there a yearly technology fee associated with this initiative?

No, Pender County schools provides this benefit free of charge to its students. However, the use of county technology and internet is a privilege.

If damaged or stolen , who pays for the repair or replacement?

Students will be assessed damage fees based on the fee schedule listed below:

1:1 Fee Schedule for Lost or Damaged Chromebooks

If the charger is lost or damaged, can I personally replace it instead of incurring the instance of accidental damage cost as described above?

Yes, you may order a replacement charger for the model of device your child has from the links below. Otherwise, the damage lost will need to be reported to administration and the cost of the instance of damage will need to be paid to the school as outlined above.

  • Amazon has chargers but please be sure to order for the correct device (your Media Coordinator can assist with identifying the model). These links are provided as a convenience, we are not liable for any harm or damages related to the purchase.


Who is responsible for updating the device (software and applications)?

The Chromebook Operating System, Chrome OS, updates itself automatically. Students do not need to manually update their Chromebooks. By logging in with their school email account, Chromebooks seamlessly integrate with the Google Apps for Education suite. This suite includes word processing (Docs), spreadsheets (Sheets), presentation (Slides), web page (Sites), along with other features such as Drive, Mail, and Calendar.

What about computer viruses getting onto the Chromebook?

Since the applications run through the browser and online, there is little worry about having viruses infect the Chromebook’s software or hardware.

How much storage do students have?

Google provides students with unlimited storage in Google Drive.

What applications will be available on my child’s device?

There are thousands of Google apps available for Chromebooks covering a wide variety of topics. However, as a default, all apps are blocked and only educational apps requested by district educators will be allowed for download via the Google Play Store.

Can students download apps?

No. Student access to the web store is limited.


Why are music sites blocked? Sometimes I want to listen to music when I'm doing my work but the sites are banned.

Streaming audio and video takes up a lot of Internet bandwidth, which is shared by everyone in the school system while on campus. In addition, we filter sites, to include audio and video sites, while on and off campus that do not have direct links to instruction because we are trying to make sure resources are provided for teacher/student instruction and productivity with support personnel.

Will there be filtering on the Chromebook while my child is at home?

Yes, county provided Chromebooks are filtered at home and school with the district’s filtering system. In addition, teachers have the ability to monitor student work at home while they are logged in to their PCS account.

Home Usage

Can the devices be used at home?

Yes, if your home has a standard WiFi network, the devices will have the same filtered web access as they would at school. Simply add your home WiFi network to the device and log in as you normally do at school. If you don’t have a standard WiFi network at home, a cellular hotspot will provide the same experience. However, with this type of connection, please be aware that your cellular data will be used and data rates from your cellular provider will apply. There are also many local businesses that offer free wifi, as well as public libraries.

What if I don’t have Internet at home?

What is nice about Chromebooks is that you are still able to use most of the G Suite tools such as docs, slides, and sheets. Be sure your device is set up to work offline. Follow the directions below:

Who to Contact

Chromebook needs repair?

Take the Chromebook to the Media Coordinator in the school’s media center. If the Media Coordinator isn’t available, you can turn in a Chromebook at the front office for repair.

New to the school/district?

Contact your school’s front office for assistance in getting a device.

Questions about why sites are blocked?

Contact the school Media Coordinator in the school’s media center.

Withdrawing school and going to another school outside the district?

Contact the school’s front office to set up a time to return the Chromebook and charger.

For additional questions that don't fall into the reasons for contacting listed above, please contact the following district representatives:

Technical Assistance

Instructional Assistance

Dr. Michael Bracy - Email: michael_bracy@pender.k12.nc.us