Pender County Schools is among the fastest growing school districts, by rate, in the state of North Carolina. Our students continually exceed local and state performance on North Carolina End of Grade and End of Course tests.

The district is made up of 18 schools, including eight elementary schools, five middle schools, three traditional high schools, a K-8 school and an Early College High School.

Each school day more than 1,200 employees work to provide an environment that capitalizes on students' natural curiosity, nurtures their desire to learn, and respects their individual learning style. Our goal is to help children become productive members of society.

District Mission

To establish with students and stakeholders meaningful pathways from Classrooms to Careers.

District Vision

That PCS students are prepared to have choices in the world that awaits them.

District Strategic Objectives

  • Instructional Excellence and Alignment - PCS will engage in Instructional Excellence and Alignment by providing research-based pathways that align with the needs of our stakeholders.

  • Leadership Capacity - PCS will promote the Leadership Capacity of our staff by providing opportunities for them to be part of our decision-making process.

  • Professional Capacity - PCS will promote the Professional Capacity of our staff by providing training & development opportunities for all staff.

  • Planning & Operational Effectiveness - PCS will allocate available resources to maximize and effectively deliver services to all stakeholders.

  • Families & Communities - PCS will interface with our stakeholders to include all voices on planning processes.