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Andrea Arias-Rodriguez

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In the event of campus-wide disruption preventing regular interaction with your students the University of Houston has created an Instructional Continuity Checklist for Faculty

To know more about instructional continuity tools available to our academic community:

Tools such as Blackboard (learning management system), Microsoft Teams and Google Meet (lecture recording and web conferencing), PowerPoint record, Snagit and iOS  Screen recording (offline lecture recording), Google Drive, One Drive , VideoPoints (video/files hosting services), Respondus (online proctoring) are available to the UH community for online teaching, learning, and collaboration. 


For best practices and guidance to help you make a fast and strong move to online teaching and learning visit  Tips for moving a class online quicklyTips and trick for Moving a course Online (Video), Resource Hub.

Tips for moving a class online quickly - Dr. Stephanie Tacquard,  March 13, 2020
Tips for moving a class online quickly - Dr. Stephanie Tacquard,  March 13, 2020
Video Conferencing Services at UH