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Annual Session 2024 


At the University of Montana, in Missoula from July 10th - 14th.   

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Theme: Cross the Divide

Friends, this summer we gather in Missoula after a long absence to cross the divide of distance. But though there are many miles and mountains between the far-flung Friends of our yearly meeting, there are more divides between us than are measured in hours traveled or altitude gained: divides of age, experience, and attitude—divides of intention and expectation, of patience and of practice. There are divides between us and the world around us, as well. We are divided from our neighbors by politics and poverty, race and resources, history and hostility. We are divided from the earth itself. These divides are dark enough, but as we hear of wars and rumors of war in other lands, we look down at our own feet and see, not the seeds, but the sprouts of war, putting out their spines and thorns. 

Friends. Let us meet in the stillness of the Spirit and choose our better ways. To help this, everything in the planners’ power is aimed at making room for spirit, love, courage, and community, among ourselves and among all nations. We will have more time for worship as a full, gathered yearly meeting (children included). We will hope to be surprised by the Spirit, and we will set time aside for answering those surprises. We will have more time for connection with Friends, and with friends, and with the earth around us. Let us make the canyons of division into valleys of delight, and take home pocketfuls of all the seeds of peace. Let us come together, Friends—to Cross the Divide.

Paul Christiansen

Clerk, North Pacific Yearly Meeting

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